The Colegio Guillermo Ponce de Leon starts its annual admission process between June and August of each calendar year only to Kinder 5 students.  To verify the exactly date, please contact us at the school.





The Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León is a high quality and SOCIAL  INCLUSIVE School, making it necessary to establish homogeneity when assigning spots, where students must be accepted, keeping in mind that a goal is to decrease social strata 3, while increasing social strata 1 and 2, all while continuing to receive children from all strata in order to have a truly inclusive school.  It is important to keep in mind that it´s necessary to accept, if possible, the same number of girls than boys.


When the admissions start, the priority order is:


  1. Levapan Company Levapan Foundation and Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León´s children.
  2. Community Kids (Avenida Cali, Príncipe (Nuevo Príncipe and San Carlos), Lusitania, Quintas de San Felipe/La Bastilla and Campo Alegre Village.)


We reserve the right to admission in all cases.