OBJECT: This PROTOCOL defines the procedure that a parent and or guardian must perform in order to remove a student from the school premises during the school day.


SCOPE: All external and internal personnel, with mandatory character.



  1. Identify and notify at the entrance’s security office of the COLEGIO GUILLERMO PONCE DE LEON, the reason for entering the Institution.
  2. Go to the Administrative Office with the authorization of the security guard, fill out the "STUDENT EXIT REPORT" form provided by the academic secretary and/or administrative assistant.
  3. The parent or guardian after filling out the registration form, FORMATO REPORTE SALIDA DEL ESTUDIANTE, will go to the classroom to withdraw the minor, with the AUTORIZACION SALIDA DEL ESTUDIANTE format completed.
  4. Show the authorization form to the security guard, to verify the safe exit of the minor from the school's facilities with the parent or guardian.







"Celebrating a birthday is celebrating life. To celebrate life is to embrace, to love, to smile, to live calmly, and to share this with those we love the most. "



OBJECTIVE:  to provide students and parents with a space in which they can celebrate their child´s birthday with classmates in a safe and organized manner.




  1. Request permission one week in advance of the event. The second snack will be canceled on that day (if necessary). This permission must be completed in writing in the student’s agenda and given to the section´s coordinator.
  2. The event will be carried out on the requested date from 12:20 to 1:20. However, due to academic or internal logistical issues, the event cannot always be held on the requested date. On Wednesdays no celebrations will be authorized.
  3. The parent of the child and / or guardian of the child or young person must always attend. If they cannot do so, they must delegate a responsible person, of legal age, indicating their name and relationship in order to allow their entrance to the institution. This person will be responsible for the event, since the teacher will be exercising their functions as a group director.
  4. The items that will be used for the event (trays, knives, napkins, glasses, among others), should be the responsibility of the person who brings such items.
  5. The food must be properly packaged and comply with the relevant hygiene standards. in the same way the person who is going to handle it must have the necessary implements to guarantee this process (gloves, face marks etc).
  6. If you deliver gifts, surprises, etc., these should be age-appropriate, so that there is no a safety risk.
  7. It is recommended that the location of the event be left as found.
  8. The section coordinators will follow up the requests made for their respective authorization and compliance with the policy.






The following guidelines must be taken into account for a pedagogical field trip according to the requirements of the Secretary of Education of the municipality of Tuluá in the exercise of their legal powers, especially those conferred in municipal decree No. 176 of July 4, 2003.


  • The pedagogical Filed Trip must be certified by the principal of the Institution.
  • Inform the parents in advance about the following: objectives, destination, itinerary, contacts, number of people who will participate in the departure and minimum elements that the student must carry, schedule of activities to be developed, departure point and time and return time.
  • Authorization must be signed by the legal guardians of the participating children.
  • Ask the parents to complete a form provided by the CGPL where they record the following as applicable: medications taken by the student, allergies that may present, diseases and blood type. The teacher must also be authorized to give medication to the student if the situation requires it.
  • Make sure with phone calls that the authorizations are authentic.
  • Ensure that all children have an insurance policy.
  • Ensure that the people who participate in the field trip (students, parents, teachers, administrators and first aid personnel) have their respective identification (Cédula de Ciudadania card, insurance card, insurance policy).
  • Verify the veracity of the permits, driving licenses, and all the documentation of the contracted services.
  • Communicate within a period of at least eight (8) business days through the principal of the Educational Institution to the Secretary of Education, the following:
  • Itinerary and schedule of activities, logistics and security plan as well as the list of students, accompanying adults, administrative staff and brigadistas whowill  participate in the activity.