Patricia Murillo

Primary and Preschool Coordinator



The educational purpose of pre-school is to favor the processes of adaptation to school life, meeting the development needs of this stage. At this time children respond immediately and clearly to the stimulation provided by the environment. Being aware of this, the teachers base their pedagogical practices on play and the development of all the dimensions of the human being; they implement routines and develop structured classes in a friendly environment in order to promote autonomy and security. For this stage we offer a structured and flexible curriculum, aligned with the dimensions of development, which in its essence looks for lasting and relevant-to-life learning. In pre-school, we also begin with the learning of English as a second language.


For the successful learning of a second language, it is necessary to study it from an early age. In preschool, our school provides bilingual education, where the English language is handled permanently, in most of the activities and contexts of the school. In this way, children are deeply and naturally involved in the learning of a second language.


Students begin learning English through various activities which they perform in a fun and entertaining way. Our program is directed to having an intense oral communication focus, where the opportunities to listen and speak multiply; playing with words, analyzing them, comparing them and repeating them allows children to incorporate the language into their daily life. In this stage the success of the pronunciation of the language is achieved, for that reason the program is very rich in songs and rhymes, since it is a very attractive medium for the children that propitiates for learning to occur naturally, as it happens with the mother tongue.


The fact of being bilingual allows our students access to different cultures. In a bilingual student, reasoning develops further, as does creativity, flexibility and open-mindedness.