La Sección Primaria está conformada por los grados primero a quinto.






The Primary Section is comprised of grades one through five.

Primary school children are characterized by their enthusiasm to learn, to discover knowledge and to strengthen the bonds of friendship, and what better place than the Colegio Guillermo Ponce de Leon where we think that school should be a space to learn to live, think and share while respecting differences.


The pedagogical proposal of the school is based in the development of pedagogical practices that account for the holistic development of the human being through his or her different dimensions and for the strengthening and development of their competences for their complete fulfillment as a person, as an individual in a society and as a fundamental part of the universe. At Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León we strive to offer students a holistic study plan that includes the development of intellectual, artistic and socio-emotional skills accompanied by the highest ethical principles.


In primary, the following classes are taught in English: Science, English, Math, Ethics and Social Studies. The high intensity of the classes in English at an early age allows a high level of bilingualism.


Patricia Murillo, Primary Coordinator