The section of High of School at Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León encompasses grades Sixth to Eleventh. Our first promotion will be in the year 2021.


The pedagogical proposal of the School is framed in the development of pedagogical practices that account for the integral growth of the human being through their training in the different dimensions of the individual, the strengthening and development of their competences for their complete fulfillment as a person, as an individual in a society and as a fundamental part of the universe. At Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León we strive to offer students a holistic study plan that includes intellectual, artistic and socio-emotional skills accompanied by the highest ethical principles.


We have a representative group of bilingual teachers who not only teach in English, but also bring to our students, together with the monolingual professors, a globalized view of a current, changing and diverse world.

The areas we offer in English, in different grades, are: Science, English, Ethics and Social Studies. The high intensity of classes in English will allow all students to obtain high results in the international tests they will take in eleventh grade.


Annayliam Fonseca, High School Coordinator